Want to feel confident you know how to market your business, find clients and generate profit?


I'm working with a small implementation group next month to refine your marketing, simplify your sales and manage your mindset so that you can find more clients and make more money. 

Without working all the hours, feeling pressured to constantly create content, be on social 24/7 or use manipulative marketing tactics or pressure-based selling to convert clients.

 This is for you whether you want to earn 100k, 50k, or have your first 5k month.  

Would you like to join us?


This program isn't for everyone, but we could be a good fit if some of the following apply to you:

  • You are an experienced, impact-driven professional, coach or expert (i.e. a solopreneur) who is deeply committed to growing your business so that you can make a bigger impact
  • It still feels slightly uncomfortable to promote yourself publicly and ask for the sale.¬† Being visible takes energy and yours is precious.¬† You know that figuring out how to stand out, market and sell¬†using your introverted superpower is key.
  • A client dripping in here and there isn't doing it for you - you want to establish solid foundations and systems to ensure your business is predictably profitable to allow you to hit your first 100k sooner than later.
  • You're smart, driven and motivated so you thought you could figure this out on your own.¬† But your business feels unstructured and overwhelming and the fact you haven't gotten as far as you thought you would be by now is a source of frustration that isn't helping.
  • You're done listening to the big gurus and their enticing promises that don't end up actually helping you grow your business but leave you more overwhelmed and feeling like you're not doing enough.
  • You're craving personal, intimate support on this journey.¬† Well, actually, it's terrifying to commit to that level of support (because you know you won't be able to hide and you'll actually have to make this happen) but deep down you know it's the right next step.
  • You're ready to invest some money, time and energy into actually getting this right (right for YOU) so that you can stop downloading freebies, wasting time on webinars, questioning what you're doing and pondering where your next client is coming from and actually step into your bada** business boots!


If at least 2-3 of the above resonated with you, then I'd love to hear from you!

I invite you to book a 30-minute Sustainable Success Plan session with me where we'll do a quick review of your business and map out a high-level Sustainable Success Plan for your next 6 months.

If I think I can help you and you're interested in hearing how that works, you'll also have the opportunity to see how working with me could help you.

And if we're not a good fit, you'll leave the call with a solid plan and the next steps for your business growth. 

I promise it will be worth the 30 minutes of your time.