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I'm Miki Maruko.

Business Mentor & Life Coach

I help you build and grow a profitable online service-based business in a way that feels good and is sustainable.

You'll make more money, have more fun, feel fulfilled and create the capacity to enjoy more of what truly matters to you.

Without the confusion, overwhelm, guilt, and drama.

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I'm Miki Maruko

Life & Business Coach for Mothers.

I help mamas in the early stages of creating and growing their online business get traction, clients and results.

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Hey there!

I see you.

I've got your back.

I know you've got dreams

Somewhere inside you know that your life could be so much better and bigger than it is.

I know there's a part of you that is feeling unfulfilled, that wants more from this life and knows you can impact the world in a much bigger way.

I know, because I've been there.

Having had a successful corporate career for 14 years, earning multiple six figures, travelling the world and managing global teams, I found myself a mama of 3 kids, home full-time and feeling like - is this it?

As much as I loved motherhood, I knew that there had to be more to my life than just being a mama.  That my mama identity was only part of the story. That there was so much more to me and this life.

In 2016 I decided to start my service-based business (teaching and coaching) but there was a problem - I had never started a business before, let alone an online one.  I threw myself into courses and coaching, found mentors and spent literally tens of thousands of dollars in educating myself.  And I now know it could have been so much easier and simpler.

That's where you come in. 

I know YOU have dreams and I can help you achieve them

Without hours and hours on Google or YouTube or buying tons of courses. 

I help you:

- get clarity on your vision

- identify the simple steps you need to take, and

- learn essential marketing, management and mindset skills

so that you can get your online service-based business up and running and profitable in a way that is aligned with your values and sustainable in your life.

All whilst working on your own terms, having time freedom and flexibility whilst living the life you have designed.

It can happen. 

You already have what it takes.

You are more capable that you realise.

You are already ready.

You can do this. 

I can help you.

Yes! Let's chat!

What you get when we work together...

Marketing & Sales


I teach you the exact, simple, organic marketing strategies you need to attract and nurture your future clients so that they are excited and ready to work with you.

You also learn how to sell in alignment with your values and personality.

Business Management


Set solid foundations for your business including having a clear vision, defining your success targets and establishing an execution plan.

Learn the art of keeping things simple, focusing on profitability and efficiency to maximise your impact in the least amount of time.

Success Mindset


Using cognitive and neuroscientific-backed strategies, I will help you understand how to harness your inner wisdom, access your subconscious, manage your mind and establish success habits.

Say goodbye to any confusion, overwhelm or procrastination and welcome in clarity and confidence.

Are YOU ready

to create the successful business and extraordinary life you want?


Move Your Business Forward in 15 Minutes or Less

Never again will you be aimlessly scrolling social media when you have a spare moment. 

Use this list of 20 quick tasks as a reference or to inspire you to keep your own list handy so you can always take small, but powerful action steps towards your desired results.

20 Quick Tasks To Move Your Business Forward

Grab this useful reference which also includes a blank template and 4 top tips to successfully juggling motherhood & business. 

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Here's What Some Clients Have Said:

"Miki is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her! She is so gentle and kind, she makes you feel comfortable immediately and allows you to reflect during your conversations in a very peaceful way.

I have had several life and business coaches, and to me, she was a beautiful mix of both, understanding how personal events can affect your business and vice versa. Miki knows how to ask you the right questions, she does not judge or tell you what to do, she just leads you in the direction you have to go, and let you take your own decisions.

Positive results already happened after the first session, I was able to act on several blockages I had for months thanks to her approach."  M.R.


"Thank you for keeping me accountable.  I have just signed my first two clients and actually have proof this business can work!"  C.P.


"Miki has helped me to identify and resolve my internal blocks to make my passion into a business. And I walked away... with a belief and dedication that this can indeed work. I finally started to acknowledge the value and power of my [program]... Miki was the catalyst for that change. I’m very grateful for that." M.L.


"I love our sessions and really look forward to them!  I always know I'm going to leave with my head clearer and feeling motivated to take action."  F.C.


"Miki is a very centered coach and a catalyst for making many impactful small changes that result in big positive results. I find working with her invaluable because she helps maintain a broader perspective that, not only helps you perform at your best…, but also challenges you to always check in on your wellbeing and what is truly important." B.S.