I'm Miki Maruko.

Business Mentor & Life Coach

Let's create predictable client flow and grow your business by:


- marketing with integrity

- selling ethically

- crafting exquisite client experiences

- harnessing your unique strengths


... all whilst minimising the time you spend on content creation, social media and busy-work. 


You don't have to be a content slave, chase followers on social media, use manipulative marketing tactics or force your sales process.  In fact, doing any of these things will slow down your growth.

Marketing successfully in 2023 requires you to be a real human being, stay in absolute integrity, and break some of the "rules" you've been taught. 

Selling in 2023 requires you to deeply understand your client's situation and be able to confidently deliver on their aspirations.

Growing a predictably profitable business in 2023 requires you, as the CEO, to literally evolve into the next version of yourself to create results you've never created before.

Do this and you'll have a bigger impact serving soul-aligned clients whilst having more time and fun.

You learn this once, build mastery and get to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

YES! Tell me more!

If you're honest with yourself, you know you're already good at what you do.

You transform lives.

You desire that deep impact and a meaningful income.

You know what you want, you're just not 100% sure how to get there.

You've started to figure out how to market your business and have had your first client (or 3) but you want to feel confident in communicating what you do in a clear and compelling way that captivates, connects and converts.

You want more clients.

You know that having the right mentor by your side will expedite your journey.

And of course, you could figure it out on your own - you've done so much already.

But now you're committed to real growth.

You're excited to serve more people and make more money.

But in a way that holds your integrity, time, and energy as sacred.

It's time to step into what's possible.

Yes, I'm ready!

You're already AMAZING at what you do.  

Are you ready to finally figure out how to communicate it in a way that connects with your dream clients and compels them to take action?


Here's What Some Clients Have Said:

"Miki is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her! She is so gentle and kind, she makes you feel comfortable immediately and allows you to reflect during your conversations in a very peaceful way.

I have had several life and business coaches, and to me, she was a beautiful mix of both, understanding how personal events can affect your business and vice versa. Miki knows how to ask you the right questions, she does not judge or tell you what to do, she just leads you in the direction you have to go, and let you take your own decisions.

Positive results already happened after the first session, I was able to act on several blockages I had for months thanks to her approach."  M.R.


"Thank you for keeping me accountable.  I have just signed my first two clients and actually have proof this business can work!"  C.P.


"Miki has helped me to identify and resolve my internal blocks to make my passion into a business. And I walked away... with a belief and dedication that this can indeed work. I finally started to acknowledge the value and power of my [program]... Miki was the catalyst for that change. I’m very grateful for that." M.L.


"I love our sessions and really look forward to them!  I always know I'm going to leave with my head clearer and feeling motivated to take action."  F.C.


"Miki is a very centered coach and a catalyst for making many impactful small changes that result in big positive results. I find working with her invaluable because she helps maintain a broader perspective that, not only helps you perform at your best…, but also challenges you to always check in on your wellbeing and what is truly important." B.S.