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Hey there!

I'm Miki. 

I'm a multi-certified Business Mentor and Life Coach for successful women (and some amazing soul-aligned men) who are redefining success and creating it all over again in their young, growing service-based business.

I help you hit that elusive next level in your business by showing you how to market with integrity, master your mindset and enroll high-caliber clients with ease.

I know you're already an expert in your field.  You've got years of professional and life experience that have brought you to where you are now and positioned you to serve your clients in your unique way.

The problem is, although you know deep down that it's true, bubbling on the surface is doubt that has you overthinking, questioning, confused and possibly overwhelmed.  This has you researching competitors, procrastinating or trying to do all the things to overcompensate for that lingering doubt.

Although you KNOW you're good at what you do and can massively impact those you work with -  communicating this in a clear and concise way is, well, tricky.

And marketing yourself?  It feels daunting, vulnerable and often pointless.

The thing is, there IS a way for you to market yourself with integrity and authenticity that doesn't involve publishing your whole private life for the world to see and posting daily.

And learning how to communicate what you do, how you do it and who you help is a skill anyone can develop.

Once you know exactly how to package your expertise and spread the word about it, you'll be surprised how clients start finding you instead of you feeling like you have to go hunt them down in the vast online world.

The kind of clients who are excited to invest with you to get the help they need.

Yes, growing a business does require you to work.

And you can do it in part-time hours and in a way that doesn't involve you feeling manipulative, exposed or a fraud. 

You can do it whilst enjoying your life, spending time with your friends, family and traveling the world.

Are you done faffing about?

I thought so.

Let's do this!