Procrastination: Why we do it and 3 Steps to Moving Through it

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2023

What is behind our Procrastination

Procrastination is real.

But have you ever wondered why?

Behind every action or inaction, everything we do or don't do, are feelings.

The vibrations in your body that result from sentences in your brain and that send silent but strong messages to your brain and body on how to respond (or not).

Procrastination is not a character flaw.

Behind that inaction are real feelings.

Often the main feeling that underpins procrastination is FEAR.

It may not be fear of doing the thing itself, it could be fear of the implications of doing the thing.

Identifying the feelings and understanding WHY you might have those feelings are keys to not only moving through procrastination but opening the possibility that procrastination is optional.

The 3 Steps to Moving Through Procrastination

If you identify as someone who procrastinates and feel like this isn't your best trait, then you're in for a treat as in the video here I go over 3 top tips for moving beyond procrastination.

The first one is all about raising your awareness when you are procrastinating and in this short clip I go over some questions you can ask yourself to do this.

Our human brains love to categorize and make sense of the world - that includes our identity.

Our brains are constantly looking for patterns and looking to make meaning where meaning may not necessarily exist.

For example, people generally feel they are either a procrastinator or not. Black and white. Right and Wrong. Rarely is the world this way, even though our brains would prefer it so.

The reality is that most people will procrastinate when it comes to certain things, and won't in other areas.

Whilst on the surface they are simple, that doesn't mean they are EASY.

Our brains love to indulge in procrastination and offer up resistance when we try to move beyond it.

When you learn to expect the resistance, this gives you the opportunity to offer compassion to yourself in the moment.

This looks like:

Of course I don't want to do x.

Of course it's hard to figure out how much time it will take.

Of course it's hard to get going.

And you can still decide to do x, regardless.

Do you identify as a procrastinator? 🧐

Let me know in the comments 👇🏻


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