IGNITE Client Story: Karina Schneider

client story Aug 30, 2023

IGNITE Client Story:  Karina Schneider

Karina got clarity on her niche, felt confident in her offer and pricing, simplified her marketing and regularly signed clients and created 5 figure months.


Name:  Karina Schneider

Business:  Mental Health Coach and Consultant




Before working with Miki…

Before working together, Karina was overwhelmed trying to figure out how best to market her business.  She was stuck in content consumption and learning and was struggling to make decisions and implement her marketing to grow her business.

In her words:  “I felt very naive, I felt very overwhelmed, I felt frustrated.  Because at that point, I was consuming so much marketing content about platforms and lead magnets and lead generation tactics…it was just so overwhelming. I remember reaching out to you thinking, if someone could just...

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