Not Enough Leads? 4 Things That Might Need Attention

marketing Feb 21, 2023

Most weeks I get a steady stream of people either reaching out to me by DM or booking a call to talk about how we can potentially work together.

It wasn't always this way.

In fact, even with the steady flow, I still get excited each time I get a notification.

Because I remember all too well when I used to sit at my computer and wonder how on earth other people were getting consult calls booked and generating leads.  I felt I was doing all the right things marketing-wise and getting engagement, but very few leads coming through. 

Every notification is a confirmation that my messaging, audience growth and lead generation strategies are working:  they are doing the "heavy lifting" and generating meaningful conversations with potential clients.

That doesn't mean I sit around doing nothing during my work time.

It does mean that I can use my time strategically, to focus on delivering the best service to my clients and value to my audience.

So if you're struggling with...

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