5 Practical Tips to Manage your To-Do List and All Those Brilliant Ideas...

performance strategies Apr 24, 2023

If you're like most solopreneurs, you have a to-do list longer than you can face and more ideas flowing through your mind than you know what to do with.

I know I do.

I used to find both SO frustrating - because no matter how "productive" I was, I could never get "on top of" my to-do list and could never execute all my ideas.

And because I was frustrated at what I WASN'T getting done, I never really acknowledged what WAS happening.

Sound familiar?

On the surface, it is such a simple thing, but to actually put this into practice in your life... well, takes practice!

So if week on week you find yourself facing a never-ending list and feeling like you're not getting all your amazing ideas out into the world, then here are some of my 5 top practical "tips" for turning that around in a way that can make it feel amazing instead of frustrating.

1.  Create a "Results" list rather than a "to-do" list.

What are the results you want to achieve today? this week?  What "outcomes"...

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Getting the right things done

performance strategies Jan 17, 2022

How you start your day (or week) can have a big impact on how your day actually pans out.

I’ve always known this, and therefore started my days and weeks with intentional lists - you know, your traditional “to-do” lists.

I thought I was being productive - getting all the stuff out of my head and onto paper and ticking stuff off as I went along.  It FELT productive.

But in the past few years I noticed that whilst I felt productive, I wasn’t sure if I was actually moving forward and getting the right things done.

So I want to share with you some things I’ve been doing differently to help me ensure that my days and weeks actually pan out the way I want them to - and a big part of that involved changing up how I start my day.


Scrap the To-Do List

What?  I love my to-do lists.  So no, I haven’t scrapped them completely but I have changed the role that they play.

To-Do lists are great because they DO get all the stuff out of your...

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