IGNITE Client Story: Karina Schneider

client story Aug 30, 2023

IGNITE Client Story:  Karina Schneider

Karina got clarity on her niche, felt confident in her offer and pricing, simplified her marketing and regularly signed clients and created 5 figure months.


Name:  Karina Schneider

Business:  Mental Health Coach and Consultant

Website:  https://www.karinaschneider.com

Social:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/karschneider/


Before working with Miki…

Before working together, Karina was overwhelmed trying to figure out how best to market her business.  She was stuck in content consumption and learning and was struggling to make decisions and implement her marketing to grow her business.

In her words:  “I felt very naive, I felt very overwhelmed, I felt frustrated.  Because at that point, I was consuming so much marketing content about platforms and lead magnets and lead generation tactics…it was just so overwhelming. I remember reaching out to you thinking, if someone could just help me understand how this is all supposed to work…then I can… make some decisions about how I wanted to do it….”

She was also still trying to figure out her identity as a coach and how to define the work she was doing.  She knew she wanted to support people through their transitions but soon discovered this was creating ambiguity in her messaging as well as for the people she was attracting.

Her offer promise remained vague and she struggled to clearly articulate the way that she could help people in their transition across all the potentially different circumstances people were experiencing.  She struggled with self-doubt and confusion. every time she sat down to create content, the ambiguity surfaced and made marketing so much harder.


Whilst working with Miki…

Whilst working together, not only did Karina simplify her marketing so that it was easier to execute on a consistent basis, she also decided to narrow in on her niche to focus on helping individuals and leaders successfully manage return-to-work transitions following a mental health break.  

She grew her confidence that this was the area where she could make a real impact and as a result of this focus, she developed strategic and targeted messaging that started to resonate with her audience and bring clients in.

In her words:  “I started to experiment with emails and social media, and started to recognise what was working for me and what wasn’t….

So now, …I am more deliberate, I’m more thoughtful, I’m less concerned about it being perfect and sophisticated…it’s a service I do…I also get a lot of energy back from people who my messages resonate with.  They write me messages and get curious about what I do.”

With the coaching and mentorship, she hesitantly set ambitious targets for herself and surpassed these, hitting almost double her targets and regularly creating 5 figure months working with clients that light her up.  


How she’s feeling now and what she’s looking forward to next?

Having established strong foundations for her business and marketing, she is now looking to scale her business in a sustainable way so she can create a bigger impact.

In her words:  “I’m closing the year happy for sure!  I’m running a profitable business, …feeling confident that I have something valuable to offer and that I can set ambitious goals.”  


What is it like working with Miki?

In her words:  “It feels like a really safe harbour…You have a way of challenging my thinking, pushing me out of my comfort zone without making me leave a call feeling nervous and scared.  I leave a call with “I’ve got this” “I can do this”.... 

There were many moments where I didn’t have that belief in myself but you obviously…that created a lot of safety to feel like I could take the risk, it was going to be fine, I've got this - that was often the feeling and energy I left with after all of our calls.  Plus the fact you have so much experience so even from a mentoring perspective, it was such added value.”


What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with Miki?

In her words:  “If you’re looking for someone who can be really pragmatic, straightforward and who can be your number 1 cheerleader, then I actually haven’t met someone else like Miki and I vouch 100% that it’s an investment worth making - I’m deeply grateful for our work together.”


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