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How to know if your Pricing is affecting your Sales?

Feb 14, 2022

When we have drama about our price, it ALWAYS affects our sales and ability to convert clients.

Experienced any of these?

- A potential client told you your offer is too expensive

- No one is buying

- You've set your price based on what competitors' pricing or "industry" standards

- You wouldn't pay that amount yourself

- You struggle to say your price with ease and confidence 

If any of these are familiar, for sure your price is affecting your sales BUT not in the way you might think.

We often think it's the price itself - that x amount is too much or that our people can't afford/won't pay x.

The reality is, it has nothing to do with the absolute amount or what your people can afford or will pay for.

It has to do with the THOUGHTS you are thinking about your price and offer and the stories you are believing.

So if you're doubting your price, doubting if your people will pay it, doubting if your offer is worth it, then any/all of that comes through in the way you ultimately communicate your offer and pricing.

The words you come up with when you're creating your messaging for your marketing are all influenced by the thoughts you're thinking and for sure, any speck of doubt will find its way in there.  

The result? 

It doesn't fully resonate with your audience.  Something doesn't quite sit right for them. 

Perhaps it's not something obvious, but the bottom line is that they decide not to work with you right now.

So if you think this might be happening to you, answer these 3 questions to start to increase your conviction in your price so that it no longer affects your sales. 

Or, if you struggle to answer these questions with confidence, consider temporarily lowering your price to a level where you can.

3 questions to answer today to ensure your price does not affect your sales:


1. How is the price you're charging for your offer 110% worth it for someone?

2. Why would it feel amazing for someone to pay that price for what you're offering? 

3. What tangible results will they get with their investment?


When you believe that what you are offering for the price you are offering it is such a steal and so insanely valuable that it's a no-brainer, you can't help but talk about it.  You can't help but shout from the rooftops and tell the world what you have to offer.

And when someone tells you it's too expensive?  Well, you don't even entertain the thought because you know it's just not true.

That's the place you need to get to with your pricing for it NOT to affect your sales.

Assess this honestly for yourself - are you there?

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