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Lead Generation: How to create more leads from your content by doing 1 thing

Oct 17, 2023

If you have been regularly creating and posting content out there, but aren't seeing the numbers come through in terms of your lead generation and client pipeline, then there may be one small tweak that you can make that will change this for you- so many solopreneurs spend a lot of their time producing content, pushing it out there on social media.

And although you may see some likes and engagement, you may not be seeing your client numbers increase as a result, and that might lead you to question, is this worth doing?

Now, of course, you know that putting out content and value into the world is worth doing and it can generate consistent leads and client flow for you. However, if you're missing this one small thing, then it might not be doing the job it's intended to do.

There are a lot of different factors that make your content effective in terms of marketing and lead generation.

This varies from having clear messaging that you can articulate simply, the kind of content that you're producing and what you're asking your audience to do as a result of seeing your content.

And it's this last one that I want to focus on today.

So are you asking your audience to take any action when they have consumed your content?


Two Common Content Marketing Mistakes

I see generally one of two things happening with people's content.

One is that you don't ask your audience to take any action at all so they can happily consume your content, get all that value and move on with their day.

The other is that you're asking them to take a step that feels so big and scary that they don't want to take it.

An example of that might be when you say, "Hey, buy my thing". "Click this link", "work with me now".

That feels like a massive leap from, "Hey, I was just scrolling on social media, consuming your content, and now all of a sudden you want me to buy your thing."


One Small Thing to Generate More Leads

One of the small tweaks that we can make is to make sure that we are extending a very specific invitation for that person to take the next step with us and the next step being to start a conversation rather than buy my thing.

Because what we want them to do is to basically raise their hand, show us that they're there, indicate to us that our content is resonating and it's stirring something inside of them that's.

Raising curiosity about what would it be like to know more about working with you?

We want to give our audience the opportunity to do so, so that we can build a relationship with them, nurture them, and that both you and that person can figure out, is this going to be a good fit for us to work together going forwards?


Creating Safety for Your Audience

So in order for us to create that safety for them to raise their hand or indicate that they're there or say that they're interested, we just need to tell them what that specific next step is.

It could be to send a DMM with a specific word.

It could be to comment below with the specific word, those are small, really easy steps for them to take.

What we don't want to do is to give them a million options, comment below, send a DMM, click this link, check out my link tree, etc.

We don't want to do that because that creates confusion and a confused mind doesn't take action.

We want to be very specific, make the action so small it feels so easy and safe for them to do, and ensure it doesn't really commit them to anything.

So sending a DMM with a word they can do right there and then. Type one word, then keep on scrolling or similarly, they can just comment, keep on scrolling. We want it to be that simple and easy to engage with us. Once a person is engaged, then you have the opportunity to continue that conversation to get to know them.

To build that intimacy and to find out what their needs are, whether their needs are a match for your solution and for them to become a potential client.

But until you start that conversation, there really isn't a link between your content and them becoming a client. And that's what we want our content to do, is to open that door to that bridge that allows them to start on that journey to becoming a client or to the evaluation of whether they want to become a client or not.

Audit Your CTAs

So have a look at the content you've created, perhaps the last five or 10 pieces of content.

What are you doing at the end of it?

Are you extending an invitation? What does that invitation look like? Is it specific and easy for them to take?

Is it a big leap or are you not extending an invitation at all?

Play around with this in the content that you create going forward.

Have a think about what would be an easy step for your audience to take.

For some people who they have a lot of engagement in their audience, commenting might be the easiest thing for someone to do.

If the service you provide is generally on sensitive topics where people want to maintain their privacy, they may not be engaging with you on social media, they're probably watching you, and the next safest step is probably to send you a dm where they're not showing anyone else that they're doing that, they're just doing that privately.

And then you can start that private conversation and build that relationship in that space rather than on a public post where you're commenting back and forth.

How best to do this?

So it really just depends on what you think would work for your audience, and make sure that it is a small, specific, easy step and that you're always including that invitation at the end of every piece of content.

What you'll see is that pretty quickly, people will start to raise their hands.

People will say, Hey, I'm here. 

You'll start those conversations and then you'll be able to nurture them, build those relationships. And work on helping them decide whether they want to become a client or not, and hopefully generate your client flow from there.

Try that out and let me know how it goes?

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