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Not Enough Leads? 4 Things That Might Need Attention

marketing Feb 21, 2023

Most weeks I get a steady stream of people either reaching out to me by DM or booking a call to talk about how we can potentially work together.

It wasn't always this way.

In fact, even with the steady flow, I still get excited each time I get a notification.

Because I remember all too well when I used to sit at my computer and wonder how on earth other people were getting consult calls booked and generating leads.  I felt I was doing all the right things marketing-wise and getting engagement, but very few leads coming through. 

Every notification is a confirmation that my messaging, audience growth and lead generation strategies are working:  they are doing the "heavy lifting" and generating meaningful conversations with potential clients.

That doesn't mean I sit around doing nothing during my work time.

It does mean that I can use my time strategically, to focus on delivering the best service to my clients and value to my audience.

So if you're struggling with generating leads, here are some things that might be going on:


1.  You're not strategically nurturing the people who are ALREADY in your audience.  

If you've seen my external facing numbers (i.e. social media followers), they are TINY.  Needless to say, growing my social media following is NOT my focus. 

Most of my clients have literally TONS (often THOUSANDS) more followers than me on their social media accounts and yet they are not predictably generating clients. 

So what gives? 

I believe that the number of followers you have is, in most cases, irrelevant.  What matters is HOW you are nurturing those followers.  Being strategic with your content and messaging is key.

Also, what many of my clients are "missing" when they come to me is the strategic utilisation of their email list.  

Perhaps you don't have one yet, perhaps you have one but you're not regularly engaging with it because you're dismissive of the number of people on it, or perhaps you don't have an overarching strategy and so just send random emails when inspiration strikes.

Email allows you develop a consent-based relationship with your audience and when used strategically, can be incredibly effective in generating leads.


2. You're not bringing new people into your world.

Okay, so whilst the number of followers on your socials doesn't matter that much, what does help is having a constant flow of new people enter your world. 

What that requires is you or your stuff being visible "out there" so that people can know you exist and come into your orbit if they so desire (by either following you on social, sending you a DM or joining your email list).

How I typically see this play out is that clients will be very busy behind the scenes planning their business and creating content, and even putting it out there, but week-on-week it's the same eyeballs seeing their stuff. 

Whilst this could be helpful to nurture your audience (if done strategically as in point 1 above), after a while you're saying the same things to the same people. 

It's not good enough to create amazing content and put it out there. 

We also need a system for making sure that content gets "seen" by people beyond our existing audience.


3. People aren't sure what you offer or how to take the next step towards working with you.

Oftentimes because WE are so close to our offers and processes, we assume that everyone else must know about them too - or at least people who are in our orbit. 

But the thing is, human beings have awful memories and are terribly self-centered when it comes to things they are not focused on.  That's just what our brain does - filters out the information we don't immediately think is relevant.  

So this is why you may have talked about how to work with you a few times but now someone in your audience has no idea what you offer.   It could be that you feel you've extended invitations with cool CTAs (call to action) on a regular basis but someone still doesn't know how to take the next step.

Or, it could be that you've been focused on putting out such valuable content that you've been forgetting to include messaging in that content that shifts it from being *just* powerful content that people like, to it being powerful content that generates leads. 

Yes, there is a difference and yes, it's a subtle nuance that is easily done.


4.  You're lacking the confidence and mindset to attract your ideal clients

Confidence and mindset play a MASSIVE role in successful lead generation.

In order to create a consistent flow of leads for your business, you need to first be energetically available to receive them.  That means being open and receptive with your energy and in your being (your body) and creating an aura of safety for potential clients to feel comfortable enough to come towards you.

The degree to which clients feel you are approachable and open to conversations with them is the degree to which your leads will be consistent. 

Even if you are energetically available, you may be lacking confidence in some aspects of your business - perhaps you doubt your ability to consistently get clients the transformation they desire, perhaps you hate sales and feel uncomfortable selling, perhaps you're not entirely sure how you'll fit in any new clients as your schedule already feels so busy.  

What impacts our confidence can be "big" (e.g. confidence in your messaging) or "little" (e.g. your client contract template needs reformatting) and both conscious and/or subconscious. 

And confidence and mindset underpin each of the other 3 areas and everything you are doing in terms of audience growth, messaging and lead generation.

That's what can be tricky about troubleshooting this bit and where a coach can really help.  We often aren't aware of what is keeping us stuck and if you feel like you're doing all the "right" things but aren't getting the traction you want, this could be worth exploring with a coach.  

Because at the core, what matters most is who you are BEING and BECOMING as a person.  What you are DOING, whilst important, is always secondary because the power behind your action always comes from within YOU rather than from the action itself.


An invitation for you:  A Bespoke 30-minute Success Plan Session (free)

If, having read the above, you are able to identify where you might need to focus to generate more leads but aren't exactly sure HOW to go about doing it, then I invite you to book a quick 30-minute Success Plan session with me. 

In this free session, I'll help you clarify what you've identified as the "problem" (or help you figure out exactly what it is), you'll let me know what you envision as "success" and then we'll create a high-level plan for you to get there by solving for the problems we identified.  

Why do I offer these? 

It's simple really.  

I get to be in my zone of genius helping you get clarity on why your business isn't growing to the extent that you'd like and creating a plan to help you course correct.  I love doing this and can spot things in your business (or mindset) that you may not. 

This alone is priceless - my incredibly valuable gift to you.

And sometimes, the business owners I help get so much value during the session and feel energetically aligned that they want to find out how to partner with me to get ongoing support to help them grow their business.  When that happens, and I feel I can help them, we jump on another quick call to discuss the options of working together.  

But regardless of the outcome, you always leave with your bespoke Success Plan so you know your top focus priorities for your unique business.

Does that sound tempting? 

If so, take it as a sign and go ahead and book your Success Plan Session here.


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