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Uncategorized Jan 27, 2022


If you’re a coach and taking on new clients is how you grow your business, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what your clients need to know in order to make the decision to work with you.

And too often, we get confused as to what exactly that is.

Of course, whilst every client will potentially have a different set of decision-making criteria, there are some fundamentals we “know” are good to cover.

We know we have to build that know, like and trust factor. 

We know we have to demonstrate our expertise, credibility and authority. 

We know we have to meet them at a price point they are willing to pay. 

But... do we actually have to do these things?

The thing is, you CAN do all of these things and still not attract the clients you want to.

You can work on your messaging, have a fancy funnel, tinker with your website or even create a program and STILL not have the number of clients you want.


Because, if this is you, I’m pretty sure that somewhere inside you’ve got some doubt as to whether or not you can actually help the people you’re trying to work with.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’ve got the skills and ability to actually get them the results that you promise.

Perhaps you’re “new” in the industry and you’re feeling like an impostor.

Perhaps you help people with something you yourself are still struggling with, and that causes you to question your expertise and credibility.

And not only do you question that and doubt yourself, you believe that your clients will too.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re reading this, I KNOW you are amazing at what you do.  

I KNOW you have the skills and ability to help the people you want to help - if you could only get them to work with you.

I KNOW that once you’re working in your zone of genius, you’ll remember this about yourself and stop questioning your expertise.

So let’s consider some other professions for a moment.

The doctor who helps cancer patients. 

Do we question whether this doctor is qualified to help their patients if they themselves have not had or successfully recovered from cancer?

The tennis coach to a world-ranked player. 

Do we question whether this coach has what it takes to help the player reach the next level if the coach themselves was never a world-ranked player?

And the teacher who helps children with special needs. 

Do we question whether this teacher can actually provide these children with the specialised education they need to thrive if the teacher themselves doesn’t have special needs themselves or haven’t raised a special needs child?


We don’t question the doctor, tennis coach, or teacher. 

Or a whole lot of other professionals.

So if you’re a weight loss coach questioning how you can coach someone who wants to lose 50 pounds when you’re still holding onto some excess weight of your own,

Or you’re a life coach questioning your credibility if your life is still a “mess”

I want you to see the TRUTH.

People - Your clients and potential clients - don’t care what you’ve done or experienced.

They don’t care if you’ve lost the weight if your life is a mess or how much you earn.

The only thing they want to know is whether you can help them.

Can you help them?


This is the ONE thing your client needs to know before they work with you.

And the level of your conviction in your answer to that question is directly correlated to the number of clients who want to work with you.

So if you don’t have the number of clients you want to have right now, it’s time to reflect on your beliefs about who you help and if you are the person to help them.

Start there.

With the thoughts in your head.

Not by changing your offer or pricing or social media platform.

It’s what’s going on in YOUR head that is going to shift your client attraction.

Learn to manage your mind and master your mindset so that you know without a doubt that you CAN help your clients get exactly what they want.

When YOU believe, they will too.

Oh... but I hear your brain still offering you the thought that you can’t help people who are “ahead’ of you?

Here's what I want to offer you from my own mind.

I have multiple six-figure and seven-figure business owners as clients.

Am I at that level?  

Not yet.

Does that stop me from coaching them?

Hell no.

The revenue figures in my business are irrelevant.

Can I help them reach their business and life goals?

Of course.

Can I coach them effectively? 


Can I teach them how to manage their mind and create their unique performance strategy?

For sure.

Do they care that my business isn’t generating the same level of revenue as theirs?

Not at all.

Does it mean anything about where my business is or is heading?

Only if I let it.

So... if you're struggling to let go of the doubt and the thoughts about whether you're good enough, qualified enough, experienced enough...ask yourself...what is stopping you from choosing to believe in yourself and that you are the best coach for your dream client?  What do you need to start believing to attract them?

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